Time to Fight - White


Time to Fight for Compassion, Justice, Empathy, Action, Love & Light.

New Colorway! Printed on French's Whipped Cream 100 lb cover paper.

This limited edition of 40 letterpress prints were printed with wood type on a Triumph proof press in Detroit. The ink is split fountain metallic gold and silver, and the print measures 12.5 x 19 inches.

More images available on @theaquariushouse on Instagram. 50% of the proceeds from this piece are donated to the American Civil Liberties Union.

Project Statement:
I created this art print at Signal Return studio in 2019 and kind of didn’t plan it. I was going to make some cute Detroit prints to sell at Mo Pop festival, get my hands back on a flat bed cylinder press & party. But on the drive down, I kept thinking about politics.

Kids are in cages at the border needlessly and inhumanely. Congresswomen are withstanding hate speech by our president for fighting for social justice. People are hurting, are disenfranchised, are being threatened that our health care, reproductive rights and rights to be married may be taken away at the drop of a hat. This phrase kept echoing in my mind: “Time to Fight.” What can I do?

What I can do is print posters. And donate the proceeds to the ACLU. So I’m doing that. Buy one to frame, give as a gift, or use as a placard in protest. Do what you will, know it’s going to a great cause.