How To Be An Artist

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This is a limited edition letterpress art print created with vintage wood type and printed by hand in Detroit on a Vandercook 3 press.

The text was written intuitively while I designed the print on the press, inspired by recent reading about art and creativity.

This edition is available in two colors and two styles. Printed on French’s 140 lb paper in Night Shift Blue or Pure White, with split fountain gold and silver ink. Due to the handmade nature of printing and the vintage press, the edition varies between more vivid (darker) or faded (vintage) inking. Please see photos or ask questions to decide which you’d prefer. There are 20 available in each color, the paper thickness allows for a tactile, debossed impression, or “bite” in the paper.

12.5 x 19 inches, unframed
Available in:
Silver and Copper Gold on Nightshift Blue Paper
Silver and Copper Gold on Pure White Paper

Printed at Signal-Return studio in Detroit.